We are taking all measures we can to help "flatten the curve" of Covid-19 infection while keeping our services going and our staff and customers supplied, healthy and happy.


We have stepped up ordering of staples across all categories and our buyers are working to find alternate supply for items that are being shorted. There are some shorting of orders particularly in the conventional grocery and fresh produce world: we may have more conventional produce than usual, and you may see substitutions for some of your favourite items. We are NOT seeing any need to buy more than you need at the moment...a strategy that will be appreciated by all of your neighbours also looking for local supply. 

Our Kitchen is cranking out great prepared meals, most of which also freeze well. Check our Kitchen tab for up to date info on daily availability. 

(please note gluten free from our kitchen MAY contain traces of wheat)


All touch surfaces are being sanitized regularly with a bleach solution. Shopping basket handles, door handles, counters etc. We encourage everyone  (customers too) to constantly wash their hands with soap and hot water. Our public washroom is closed. 

We have removed all self-service fill options in the store: coffee station, condiments, cutlery,  some bulk. The Bulk WATER station is BACK!!!

We appreciate your patience and understanding. 


Our Cafe is closed for now.  You are welcome to  sit in our beautiful outdoor patio to enjoy the square. We would ask that while in and around the store you try to not get too close to other shoppers, maintain the 6' physical distancing rule,  and follow the instructions of the store staff. 

We can do your shopping for you and have it ready for you to pickup outside of the store. See the ORDERDESK tab on this website for info on how to access this service. 


This is a fragile time for everyone. We will do our best to meet your needs within the constraints of various regulations and health requirements, and of course the resources that we have available to us. We very much appreciate your support and patience and encourage everyone to above all else, be kind. We all need each other!